The Estate Planning Cooperative of America 

The Three Fundamentals of Estate Planning

  • Legal Documentation - after consultation with a licensed attorney competent to give advice and counsel in estate planning matters legal instruments are drafted to fit the individual circumstances of the client
  • Asset Review - for all the intangible assets that pass by "operation of contract" and are not included in the probate process:  beneficiary designations and joint tenancy arrangements in investment accounts, life insurance, retirement and pension accounts, bank accounts; this will assure these assets are properly transferred to the people you intend to have them
  • Records, Documents, and Papers - So that you and your representatives can find important and necessary records and documents when they are needed (when you are incapacitated or deceased), it is imperative to have an intelligent system to list and index all these papers.  And, this includes a "who's who" of the advisers, professionals, and others that may need to be contacted for information and details of your financial, personal, and legal  matters when adverse events arise  

Estate Planning Program for Working Americans(c) addresses the three fundamentals 

  • Legal consultation and drafting of documents at typically 20%  the normal cost for an attorney.  Access to, counsel from, and documents drafted by  competent, experienced estate planning lawyers in our network.  Step by step assistance and support
  • No cost "estate analysis and review;"  a written report that provides a review and possible mistakes for errors in ​ beneficiary designations; with no cost or fee; includes a formal written life insurance program review, all with no cost or fee
  • The Financial and Legal Records Book(c) :  a proven system for organizing and keeping your documents, records, and papers in good order and available for you and your heirs when they are needed; with no cost or fee 
  • Annual Reviews:  helping you keep your plan and all its parts up to date and correct to fit your changing needs.  Notifications via email of the annual review date with an invitation to meet to discuss any changes in your circumstances that might necessitate amendments to your estate planning program; with no cost or fee