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The Estate Planning Cooperative of America 

Glenn Lester - Exec. VP Texas & Southwest     Tracy Plankers - Exec. VP Twin Cities & Midwest    Jerry Stinson - Executive Director

Committed to LEAD

The Cooperative, its executive team, and all of our associates strive day by day to be LEADERS. We intend sincerely and with continual effort to lead in three areas:

Leaders in Integrity

In all the aspects of our personal and professional lives and conduct we shall act at the highest levels of moral standards. In all our relationships with the public we shall seek consistently to be above reproach. 

Leaders in Professional Competence 

We will be informed and educated at the highest levels of professional knowledge and expertise in all the areas in which we give advice, counsel, and recommendations. Other professionals and advisers with whom we maintain collaborative relationships - and to whom we introduce our clients - shall be vetted and approved as to their competence to assist us and Coop members. 

​Leaders in Generosity

The Cooperative Association's leadership team shall seek to esteem other people more highly than ourselves. We shall always put the advantage and success of Coop members ahead of our own.  The cooperative association platform allows for sharing advantages and opportunities with members not ordinarily available to the public.